EAT Door

Transportation Right to Your Door

The safest, as well as most convenient, option for auto shipping is having the vehicle picked up and delivered to your location. We schedule door to door transport services from coast to coast and strive to deliver to the location of your choice. 


EAT Open

Open Transport

This is the most common way to ship a vehicle whether you are shipping locally or across the U.S. Millions use this service every year as it is typically the fastest as well as the most cost effective type of auto transport available. Your vehicle will be exposed to the elements along the way, so if you need zero exposure you may want to opt for optional transport methods.

EAT Enclosed

Enclosed Transport

This method of auto transport ensures that the vehicle is secure and will not chance damage due to weather, road debris or other flying objects during shipment. It is best for those vehicles that that are show worthy or highly expensive. Enclosed shipping options will cost more than open transport, but the value greatly outweighs the price tag when it comes to having a shipping option that will fully protect the vehicle during transport.


EAT Inoperable

Inoperable Vehicle Transport

If you have a vehicle that is inoperable, we can handle the relocation quickly and easily from coast to coast. We work with the top professionals in the industry and offer the same fully insured and secure transport for all vehicles, whether they are driveable or not.

EAT International

Overseas Vehicle Shipping

Moving to a new country and need to have your vehicle with you? We handle overseas and international auto transport and can have your private vehicle or even multiple vehicles shipped overseas with flexible shipping options and great rates.


Seasonal Auto Shipping

When you have an extended vacation planned or need to move to your summer or winter home, we provide reliable shipping options for seasonal movers. Our rates are the best in the business and we can have your vehicle relocated safely and quickly so you won’t need to worry about moving without your private automobile.