About Express Auto Transportation



Express Auto Transportation is a family owned and operated company that believes in treating customers with the same respect as we would treat our own family. Since 1972, we have built a reputation as a company that provides high quality transportation for all types of motor vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s and even boats, motorcycles, RV’s and other types of wheeled transportation at affordable rates and the fastest and friendliest service in the transportation industry.

We take the necessary time to really get to know what every individual customer needs by listening to what they say. Many companies out there today will gather basic information and then give a quote that does not truly match the level of service that a person needs, or wants. We believe in making sure every vehicle that we handle is taken care of on a one on one basis and that the customer has what they need when we have the vehicle scheduled for transport.

Express Auto Transportation offers service throughout the United States including to Alaska and Hawaii. We also ship overseas to locations around the world and can assist with customs regulations that a customer needs to know prior to shipping.

Fully Insured Auto Transport

The carriers that we work with are all insured for no less than three quarters of a million in liability insurance as well as required cargo insurance. We stay on top of market trends as well as safety trends with companies worldwide so we can schedule the right carrier with every motor vehicle that we handle.

This not only allows us to schedule safe and secure transportation, but it also guarantees that we know which carriers have the lowest rates and can offer our customers the fairest rates available on every shipment.

When you need a company that will have your vehicle scheduled for pickup and delivery fast with a safe carrier and excellent rates, you can always depend on Express Auto Transportation.


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